100% Original Slag Separator - TMZC-1000 Helix H.W Cleaner – Tianli

TMZC cleaner is a patented product designed based on the use of the first generation of products and feedback from domestic and foreign users. The product can adjust the structure according to the user’s needs, so that it can separate heavy impurities as well as light and heavy impurities respectively, so that the one-time investment of users is greatly reduced. The heavy impurities are sand, iron chips, paint and other heavy mixtures. Light impurities include plastic sheets, foams, gases, inks, dust, etc.. The back-flush water device at the bottom allows cleaner to operate at higher density, to reduce the investment cost.

Main Technical Parameters
Inlet flow rate:                      1000L/min
Inlet pressure:                      200~400kpa
Inlet conc.:                        0~2.0%