New Arrival China Vertical Cleaner - TKS-110 high efficiency H.W cleaner – Tianli

TKS-110 high efficiency H.W cleaner is an efficient and economical small-diameter one. It has a small diameter and an extended cleaner body with flushing device at the bottom, which can produce higher cleaning effects. Especially in waste paper deinking ink, it can achieve better results. The main feature is that TKS-110 cleaner can control density of waste reject by washing the water device at the bottom to remove ink and fine dust effectively during the multi-stage fine cleaning. The system uses the minimum number of segments and cleaner to make the overall shape more compact. The land area has been reduced and productive capacity been increased with lower investment. Smooth inner surfaces do not produce turbulence(such as oscillations and vortices), so the maximum cleaning efficiency can be maintained at a maximum of 2.0 %. Reduce system power consumption.

Main Technica Data:

Inlet flow rate:                      110L/min
Pressure drop:                  150KPa
working conc.:                        ≤2.0%
flush water flow rate:                   7~15L/min